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Wide Open Network for Development and Research in Maritime Industries

The kernel of the WONDERMAR II project, i.e. the key thematic network builds Workpackage 2 by forming three expert groups covering the three shipbuilding process relevant topics: design support, manufacturing/assembly and supply chain/logistics. The very representative members of the industry in these expert groups discuss and answer four major questions for the industrial application of ICT in shipbuilding in a revolving cycle:

  • What is the state of the art in the three relevant processes
  • What are the standards used
  • What are the economic potentials of the technology
  • What are the gaps in ICT to be approached by future projects and joint developments

The results will materialise in a so called "Shipbuilding Information Society (IST) Review" for the three areas design support, manufacturing/assembly and supply chain/logistics. The "Shipbuilding IST Technology Report" will be updated and complemented twice during the project duration and contains four parts each:

  • State of the Art report
  • Standards Report
  • Economic Potential Report
  • IT Gaps report

This database contains the "Shipbuilding IST Technology Report" in the areas of design, production and supply chain and logistics. The current version is the result of the second iteration of interviewing shipyards, classification societies and technology providers. It is mainly focused on describing future scenarios in supporting the maritime industry by information technology.

For more detailed information about the database, a manual is available for download.

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